Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-08-24

Employing artistic treatment mechanisms for educational texts

Omar Khalil Ibrahim , Yasser Issa Al Yasiri

On the level of Arab television channels, Iraq TV, there has been exceptional interest in Iraqi drama, with the production of television drama series that depend on educational texts for the general benefit of viewers and the students. From the foregoing, the researcher concludes the following question, which represents the research problem, how to employ the mechanisms of artistic treatment for educational texts? The current research aims to identify the employment of artistic treatment mechanisms for educational texts. The researcher adopted the descriptive approach, which involves analysis to achieve the goal of the research, this approach is one of the most accurate approaches that suit the nature of the current research because it has the possibility of describing what is an object through analysis and expression, the researcher can determine the research community for that reasons.
A- The lack of regular production of educational drama in Iraq.
B – The production of Iraqi TV educational drama takes place at different intervals.
In order to reach the high accuracy of the results, the researcher chose the research sample in a non-probabilistic, intentional way, which is the series (the delicious tables in the city of Rules), and the researcher used the statistical methods to extract the results, which are: The series (research sample) relied on the dramatic paradox method by linking the linguistic error with a type of physical illness close to the symbol that indicates that the errors of the Arabic language are closer to being a disease.

Pages: 874-882

Keywords: Artistic treatment – educational drama.

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