Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-08-24

Reflections of feng shui in the administrative spaces designs


Despite the scientific and cultural development that the world has witnessed over the years in various fields, including interior and urban design, the interest in the arts and methods of coordinating interior space in a positive way still exists, stemming from the realization that space has an effective energy with human energy according to a mutual relationship between them, And administrative spaces require privacy and enrichment of their energy with their visual and expressive image inside the space, and feng shui has reached principles and tools that contribute to enriching the energy of space positively, so the research was divided into four chapters
The first chapter contained the research problem that emerged through the following question: “What are the elements of the feng shui philosophy that can achieve a positive interior design for the occupant of space?”, and the research objective was determined: “Revealing the importance of employing the principles of feng shui according to the application of the operating system of the contemporary school.” (Ba-Gua) to add positive energy in administrative spaces.” The second chapter included: The theoretical framework in three sections. The first topic dealt with: “Contemporary practices of Feng Shui schools in interior design”, and the second topic: It dealt with “Feng Shui principles and their reflections in The design of the administrative space”, and the third topic: “The place energy and feng shui in the design of administrative spaces”, Then it was attached to the indicators of the theoretical framework, and the third chapter came by relying on the descriptive approach in analyzing the sample, as it was analyzed according to the application of the Ba-Gua map on the horizontal scheme of the space of the research sample, while the fourth chapter came with the results and conclusions related to the topic of research, to end the research with a list of Arabic and foreign sources.

Pages: 883-895

Keywords: reflections, interior design, administrative spaces, feng shui.

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