Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-08-24

Characteristics of Secondary Students’ Fees in the Babylon Education Directorate

Asst. Prof. Athmar hameed karim alklkawi

The effectiveness of intentional performative behavior derives its energy from self-mythological intellectual directives that consisted of several axes and influences that worked to organize and acquire knowledge and experiences empirically to be intellectually reduced and produce an ideology and a special individual methomonic perception that emerged from the interaction of thought and the human self with those environmental, cultural and religious influences and transformed self-directed knowledge and gains into Its main task is to determine the behavioral path expressed by a virtual performance act sent to direct another behavior that interacts with it psychologically by intensification and reduction to become a performance technique and an important function in directing to better performance. Therefore, the current research included four chapters. The first chapter dealt with the research problem, which was represented in (Technical Guidelines for Mithomoni Performance in Contemporary Theatrical Performance). The first chapter also included the importance, purpose and limits of the research and ended with defining the terms. The second chapter included (theoretical framework) the first topic (Technical Guidelines in The actor’s performance), and the second topic (theatrical experiences and technical performance guidelines), As for the third chapter, it included the research sample, the research tool, the research and analysis method for the play exhibition (the monodrama of the last painting), and the fourth chapter included the results of the analysis and the most important conclusions, then referrals and a list of sources.

Pages: 907-921

Keywords: Characteristics of Secondary Students’

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