Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-08-24

Anthropology symbol in contemporary Kurdistan painting) (analytical study)

Karzan Karim Sabir Mostafa

Culture was an inheritance of man, and symbols and their interpretations are the cultural heritage of man and society. So that he entered a new study known as anthropology, which is interested in studying human lifestyle, has the power of interpretation and interpretation of symbols that man puts forward and gives broad meaning to his life.
This research involves the study and analysis of a range of cosmetic works in Iraqi Kurdistan, which explain their work and symbolic forms but with anthropological connotations. In order to reach the research’s objective, the researcher relied on the analytical curriculum. The research included four chapters, the first of which dealt with the problem of research, its importance and purpose, its limits and its definition and terminology. The research problem was identified: with the following questions: Is there an anthropology reading in contemporary Kurdistan painting? What are the symbolic connotations? What works embody Kurdish nationalism and what is the artist’s role in bringing Kurdish scenes into the vision of their works of art. The importance of research is summarized in the importance and knowledge of symbolic imagery in contemporary drawings, and how the Kurdish artist inspired the use of national symbols and connotations in the knowledge of Kurdish culture, which he represented with artistic models. The research aims to reveal the aesthetics of symbols in Iraqi Kurdistan drawings.

Pages: 922-933

Keywords: Anthropology symbol, Kurdistan painting

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