Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-10

The impact of technological innovation on the growth of exports in the United Arab Emirates

Mustafa Mahmoud Mahdi , Prof. Dr. Thaer Mahmoud Rashid

Technological innovation, which is based on research and development, is the main determinant that develops the competitiveness of economic institutions. Excellence and competitiveness come mainly through reducing production costs and raising the level of quality, whose main sources are technological innovation. From this point of view, the United Arab Emirates gave innovation It is of great importance, as many institutions concerned with innovation have been established, and several strategies have been developed that will create the appropriate climate for innovation, realizing that technological innovation is the main reason for access to international markets and thus promoting export growth, and the latter is what leads to economic growth.
The research used the analytical approach to reach the goal by analyzing the technological innovation indicators represented in spending on research and development, patents, and spending on education and their impact on the growth of UAE exports.
The research concluded that there is a positive relationship between technological innovation and the growth of exports, although this relationship may be misleading because a large part of the UAE exports are crude oil exports, but the positive relationship between the three technological innovation indicators and the growth of advanced technological exports indicates that there is an impact For technological innovation on export growth.

Pages: 1017-1030

Keywords: Technological innovation, Competitiveness, Export growth

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