Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-10

Orientalism in the perspective of Hajji Criticizing the history of Islamic Spain book as a model

Assistant. prof. Dr. Amir Mamdouh Khairo , Maryam Ali Zeidan

According to Al-Hajji’s method, constructive criticism was the comprehensive feature of the study of history. In the file of Orientalism, Al-Hajji extensively researched, investigated, analyzed, compared and extracted the conclusion. The Spanish history book was one of the models of Al-Hajji’s criticism of the Orientalist file, where Al-Hajji sees the author’s lack of justice because he looks with a blind eye that only finds the ancient sources find value for their writings, and this, according to Al-Hajji, is unfair and the book does not cover the Andalusian political life. Al-Hajji referred to more than you regarding the methodological errors of the writer. In general, Al-Hajji considers that Orientalism is a tool of distortion of Andalusian history.

Pages: 1060-1066

Keywords: Hajji Criticizing, Islamic Spain book

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