Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-10

Scholars of Samarkand and their position in the light of Al-Qand book by Al-Nasfi (T.: 537 AH / 1142 AD)

Prof. Dr. Othman Mishan Abed al-leheab, Nasir Jamal Nasir Al-Jumaily

The research included the most important scholars of the city of Samarkand in the country beyond the river, and their position with the princes and the inhabitants of the country beyond the river, as Samarkand included many scholars from different specializations, and the people of knowledge had a place and appreciation in the country beyond the river, and the book (Al-Qand in Remembrance The Scholars of Samarkand) by its author Omar bin Muhammad Al-Nasafi (T.: 537 AH / 1142 AD) is one of the most important sources that talk about the scholars in Samarkand, as it is a book of translations for many Samarkand scholars, and it mentioned the position and appreciation of the princes for scholars and their position among the population, which made Samarkand a beacon of science.

Pages: 1087-1098

Keywords: Scholars of Samarkand, Qand book by Al-Nasfi

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