Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-15

Conceptual rooting for radio audiences

Wissam Nief Kahat , Prof. Dr. Raad Jassim Al-Kaabi

The research problem is an intentional attempt to understand the audience with its stages, classifications, specialized theories, audience studies, the relationship with the media and how it deals with radio programs.
Thus, the research aimed at the conceptual rooting of the topics raised by the research problem, and this necessitated the use of the descriptive approach to analyze the similarities and differences between what the researchers went through in their research, books and scientific articles in order to reach the rooting and comprehensive facts characterized by scientific stability. The researcher reached several results, the most important of which were: Most of the researchers and scholars of communication have unanimously agreed that the public is characterized by wideness in number, variation in the characteristics of its members, difference in interaction, communication, social affiliation, and the absence of social organization. There are many theories of understanding the nature of the audience, according to the audience’s intentions in exposure to the media. There is no successful communication process for any media outlet without exposing the public to its programs. The traditional and new means of communication pay great attention to the needs, interests and desires of the public through the continuous updating of plans and program courses in order to preserve the sustainability of interaction with the public. Audience studies provided a wealth of knowledge that was keen to set accurate criteria for classifying the public according to its behavior in exposure to the media. The success of the communication process depends on how the media message is received.

Pages: 1125-1138

Keywords: Conceptual rooting, Iraq

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