Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-30

The embodiment of persuasion in the Iraqi theatrical performance

Azhar Kadhim Qanbar , Prof. Dr. Riad Moussa Sukran

Persuasion constitutes a noticeable presence in receiving the theatrical performance, Ans it has become the first and thing in receiving the theatrical performance, and the presence of the actor and his performing skills are an essential factor in achieving the act of persuasion, which in turn is achieved through the means and tools of the actor’s work through which he builds and adopts the dimensions and character of the theatrical personality.the current research aims to identify the embodiment of the element of persuasion in the Iraqi theatrical performance. The (researcher) counted her research community, which consists of the Iraqi theatrical performances that were presented in the theaters of the capital (Baghdad) for the period from (1998-2012), as the number of theatrical performances reached (thirty) theatrical performances. The (researcher) adopted the (descriptive-analytical) approach in her research procedures for the purpose of analyzing the research sample. The play (Paradise Opens Its Doors Late) was chosen, written by: Falah Shaker, directed by: Mohsen Al-Ali, 1998, and actress Shatha Salem. the results and conclusions. The most important results are: The traditional professionalism was not a direct reason for the embodiment of the personality and access to the concepts of persuasion among the recipient of all the representatives of the research samples, Performance is an aesthetic and formative measure as a means of embodying the personality as well as persuasion, especially for the actress (Shatha Salem in the personality of the prisoner’s wife). As for the most important conclusions: The means of persuasion in the actress’s work on embodying the role has many connotations, including the body as a dramatic transmitter that contributes to the communication between performing and receiving patterns.

Pages: 1242-1251

Keywords: embodiment – persuasion – theatrical performance.

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