Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-30

Methods of political misrepresentation in the electoral campaigns for the 2021 Iraqi Parliament elections

Dr. Jassim Tarish Ghudyeb

The study aimed to diagnose the methods of political misrepresentation in the electoral campaigns for the elections of the Iraqi Council of Representatives that took place in 2021, and the period of time before and during the elections often witnesses different communication activities for the electoral propaganda operations, which is the candidate’s way to express himself and his electoral program to obtain popular support. It is a right guaranteed by law. On the other hand, this period results in counter-media campaigns carried out by the parties and blocs participating in the electoral race to undermine the competing parties and bring them down popularly, in the media, and politically. It is an activity that is rejected by international conventions and laws that regulate the election process. To achieve the goal of the study, the researcher relied on the survey method by analyzing the content and in a comprehensive inventory method to collect and determine the methods of political misrepresentation and its analysis, for the period of time allowed to carry out electoral campaigns. The study reached a number of important results, most notably.

Pages: 1262-1270

Keywords: political misrepresentation, electoral campaigns, parliamentary elections, the Iraqi parliament.

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