Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-30

Aesthetic use of materials in contemporary art

Elham Ali Khalaf  , Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Ghaidan

The artworks are the images that distinguish each nation from other nations, because these works reveal an important stage in the history of each nation and the extent of its development, prosperity and advancement through the advancement of its culture, whether it is in literature, arts, sciences or other various cultural activities. Given that the material in contemporary art is not static, but rather pulsating and moving, it contributes to directing the creative activity of the artist, Therefore, the researcher decided to delve into the midst of this study and answer the following question (Has the material been aesthetically employed in contemporary art)?, The research consisted of four chapters, where the first chapter included a presentation of the research problem, which focused on answering the following question: (Has the material been aesthetically employed in contemporary art) As the current research aims to reveal the aesthetics of employing raw materials and their relationship to contemporary art, the second chapter included the theoretical framework, and two chapters, the first topic: aesthetic employment, the second topic: Contemporary art, and the second chapter concluded with the indicators of the theoretical framework, while the third chapter includes the research methodology and its procedures. Since the current research aims to reveal the aesthetic use of raw materials, the researcher has adopted the descriptive analytical approach as a methodological framework for building research procedures as it is the most appropriate scientific method to achieve the goal of the research, as it consists Research community of works of art for contemporary art The research sample consisted of (2) paintings that were selected randomly. The research came out with a set of results, the most important of which are: 1- Through the analysis of samples, contemporary art relied in its forms and formations on the element of light and its reflections and its shadows that form the subject of the work, Artists employ a wide range of uncommon materials and materials, such as grass, ice, soil, felt, cement, stone, rubber, graphite, grease, coal, and even steam. As for the conclusions: 1- The concept of beauty is no longer related to the traditional concepts of proportion, harmony, harmony, etc., but entered the field of art works of art working on the concepts of sadism, masochism, sexuality, provocative, ugly and disgusting concepts…etc. The recipient has a great role in the artistic production of the era of contemporary art, especially with visual art The kinesthetic that is completed in the eye of the recipient / viewer.

Pages: 1271-1278

Keywords: materials in contemporary art

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