Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-09-30

(The Philosophical Interpretation of Man in Postmodern Television)

Ihsan Hasan Hussien

Man is the project of existence and the outcome of what he used to do in existence. Institutionalizing the values, ideas, and things by which humans are measured, and disrupting history by erasing the individual and collective memory of human beings, means the abolition of existence. And the art of film, which is (language) one of its goals, is to achieve communication and perceive the world with all its good and bad things. Drama) is the act of simulating human behavior, and its existence is assumed to be causes (material, formal, active and final). Postmodern thought obliged television, in order to seek revenue, to increase cheap sex, crime, horror, movement and temptation, to unify the laws of the game and facilitate the normalization of man, and it is dangerous for us to ring its bells every time. It took place in three axes, the first (the art of the film and its relationship to human existence), the second (the ritual and its modification of the concept of writing) and the third (the postmodern interpretation of man), and God bless.

Pages: 1294-1300

Keywords: (interpretation, philosophy, human, postmodernism)

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