Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

The semiotic significance of election campaign slogans According to Iraqi law on Iraqi satellite channels (An analytical study of the slogans of the Iraqi elections October 2021)

Dr. Jalal Jabbar Alewi Al-Majidi  , ALYAA RAZZAQ MOHAMMED ALBOAREDH, Assist. Prof. Dr. Isra Shakir Hassan Al Jouani, Dr.Nazar A.Gaffa, Dr.Nawres Ahmed Abd Zaid, Lect. Hayder abbas oleiwi

Semiotics contribute to opening new horizons in thinking, developing the critical sense, expanding its circle, and making him look at political or social phenomena in a more profound way, keeping him away from the superficial view of things. The researchers gave the election a lot of importance because it occupies the forefront in democratic systems. The jurists of constitutional law have laid down three criteria as requirements for democratic elections. The first is effectiveness, which means that it is not a goal in itself, but rather a group of activities with functions and purposes that result in the actual results affecting the system of government. The second criterion – freedom – means the freedom of democratic elections, meaning that they are conducted in accordance with the rule of law and under its rule, characterized by a spirit of competition and respect for the basic rights and freedoms of citizens. The third criterion is integrity – that is, that elections are held periodically and that their management, supervision and announcement of their results are characterized by political impartiality, significance and transparency. Also, election campaigns reflect good indications and others contain signs and signs marred by semantic ambiguities when interpreting their symbolic meanings, colors, lines, words and sentences that they contain, the aim of the research Identify the semiotic signs contained in the slogans of the electoral campaigns, analyze their vocabulary, and clarify the symbolic signs that indicate the general policy directions of the political entity and the ideological orientation of some parties participating in the Iraqi Parliament elections, which were held in October of 2021, as indicated by the ethnic law. The researchers followed the descriptive approach with the analytical design, and they chose a group of electoral slogans for the parties participating in the 2021 elections, which were shown on Iraqi satellite channels. to the semiotic significance of each symbol, line, color and icon inside the logo, but rather the artistic form more, The designs of the slogans of the parties placed their responsibility on the shoulders of the designers without the experts in the subject of semiotics and its interpretations, and perhaps the electoral slogan was somewhat a secondary issue that the party leaders did not pay attention to, but it adhered to the provisions of the Iraqi law, which referred to the promotion of entities and individuals to a large extent.

Pages: 1301-1314

Keywords: semiotic sign – election campaigns – Iraqi election law

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