Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

Characteristics of Professional Acting Performance in Educational Theatre show

Khalid Waleed Khalid Al-Mashleh , Prof.D. Mohammed Ismail Al-Taie

Professional work on establishing an acting performance to show the signs of educational theatre as an art with styles and theatrical experiences through several transitions towards modernity. These experiences promoted educational theatre and activated the performance of the professional actor in it that possesses the privacy of acting performance to build a personality that has the ability to build a society with the ability to continue teaching and learning. The professional’s goal is to reach several material and artistic gains and disseminate an intellectual message. The professional is physically and intellectually connected with a performing technique to provide his artistic and technical success in which the theatrical work is transformed into an elaborate art that has given the professional representative the expertise to achieve the requirements of focusing in theatrical performing art, capturing interactive ideas, dialogues, directions and emotions to communicate and deploy in an effective and meaningful educational theatre that requires a great effort in shaping and building the main pillar of society’s structure. Therefore, the researcher divided the subject of his research into four chapters. Chapter I included the problem of research: (What characteristics of professional performance in educational theatre performances). Chapter I also included the importance of research and its objective and limits and ended with the definition of terminology. Chapter II (Theoretical Framework)
The first research (acting performance beginning professionalism), the second research (professional acting performance characteristics), the third chapter included the research sample, the research tool, the research and analysis approach to the presentation of the play (Elf and Crazy), and the fourth chapter included the results of the analysis, the important conclusions, then the referral and the list of sources.

Pages: 1315-1325

Keywords: Professional Acting, Educational Theatre show

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