Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

The Elements of Total Quality Management and their impact on the Strategic Renewal of tourism organizations: An exploratory research of premium-class hotels in the city of Baghdad

Ass.prof Dr. Raghad Yousif Gabraw , Omar Shamkhi Khamis Al-Dulaimy

The research’s problem is that hotels in Iraq in general and in Baghdad, in particular, sever from problems that resulted in a decrease in their grades. To find solutions to those problems and to upgrade these hotels, there is a need for an integrated approach. The research therefore aimed at identifying the relationship between the elements of TQM and strategic renewal and coming up with a set of conclusions and recommending solutions that could return Iraqi hotels to the world classification sites. The research employed TQM elements as an independent dimension and included (top management, continuous improvement, customer focus, training, employee participation, teamwork, strategic planning, relationship with suppliers, and process management), It also used strategic renewal as a dependent dimension which includes (exploratory strategic renewal, investment strategic renewal, and entrepreneurial orientation). The research was applied in first-class hotels on Baghdad and the sample included 3 of the hotel boards. The research employed an analytical descriptive approach. The research concluded that TQM elements are significantly and statistically linked to strategic renewal at the overall level, as well as the level of sub-variables that are significantly and statistically associated and affected. The research recommended several recommendations, including that the application of these elements be endorsed and facilitated by the hotel boards, Support the implementation of quality plans, consider continuous improvement as a permanent goal and believe that it will keep pace with changes in the environment, identifies the requirements for achieving customer satisfaction and taking into account customers’ complaints and suggestions, collects data on training needs and analyses those needs in general and those of quality in particular, Believe that engaging workers is an element of success in its endeavor to improve its operations in general and improve quality in particular, Consider quality issues as an integral part of the strategic planning process and include those issues in the vision, mission and objectives of the hotel, and involved of suppliers in designing the services provided, specifying them, improving their quality and choosing them on the basis of quality rather than price.

Pages: 1326-1340

Keywords: elements, elements of TQM, renewal, strategic renewal

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