Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

The psychological function of lighting in enriching the context of television advertising

Dr. Maysoon kadhim Jasim  , Shaymaa Saad Yas, Mohanad Kareem Ahmed

Lighting is of great importance in advertising. The importance of lighting and its employment is one of the most important components of advertising because of its aesthetic and realistic use of television advertising, as well as the psychological effects that it has that work on the impact of the advertising context. Hence the crystallization of the research problem in the following question: Does the psychological aspect have an impact on the context Advertising through the employment of lighting? The aim of the research was to reveal the psychological function of lighting in enriching the advertising context, As for the second chapter, it included the theoretical framework, which included three sections. The first topic included the psychological function of lighting and included four topics: the psychological effect of lighting, the second sources of lighting, the third types of lighting, and the fourth functions of lighting. As for the second topic, it included lighting in the context of television advertising and included two topics, the first: the context in television advertising, and the second, context patterns. The third topic, this topic included television advertising and included three topics: first, television advertising, the second, the most important features of television as an advertising medium, and the third types of television advertising As for the third chapter, it dealt with the research procedures, as it included the research community, which included the advertisements of the Human Rights Organization, which numbered 20 advertisements, and the sample was chosen intentionally, which numbered two, which constituted 10% of the research community. The fourth chapter dealt with the research results as the researcher reached several results.

Pages: 1346-1353

Keywords: psychological function, television advertising, lighting

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