Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

MBC Iraqi Applied Fields of Color Theories in Advertisements

Seham Muhsen Getin , Mohanad Kareem Ahmed , Shaymaa Saad Yas

Colour theories are one of the means used by the applications of color in television advertising and in recent times the use of color theories in television advertising in a continuous development since its inception and then the entry into the Internet and continued to develop the use of color theories in the field of television advertising in publicity and advertising such as commercials and advertisements, as well as used to entertain children, thus crystallizing the problem of research in the following questions: The aim of the research was to reveal the applied fields of color theories in the field of television advertising. The second chapter encompassed the theoretical framework, which included researchers of the first research, colour theories, and included three subjects: the theory of color, the psychology of color, and the third color in art. The second research included television advertising and included three themes. Chapter III deals with research procedures, including the search community, which included channel ads Iraq’s 10 announcements were made and the sample was chosen on an intentional basis. Two, which accounted for 10% of the research community. Chapter IV The study examined the results of the research and its interpretation as the researcher reached several findings.

Pages: 1368-1376

Keywords: Color Theories – Advertising – MBC Iraq

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