Vol. 22 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-11

The crime of impersonation and social responsibility / a social field study from the point of view of criminal justice workers

Ayhan Falah Hassan , Prof. Dr. Aswar Abdul Hussein Abdul Sada

This study (the crime of impersonation and social responsibility) tried to shed light on the most important reasons behind the commission of this crime and to identify the manifestations of deviant behavior by trying to answer the most important questions raised by the study, including: What are the reasons that led to the spread and aggravation of the crime of impersonation In recent times, what is the relationship of the weakness of the mechanisms of law and social control to an increase in this phenomenon, and what is the extent of the impact of this phenomenon on the human security of the family and society.
The importance of the study focused on shedding light on the crime of plagiarism, especially as it is considered one of the methods of fraud, theft and electronic extortion, whose area is increasing and its repercussions on the human security of society are increasing. The field sample was deliberately sampled from criminal justice workers, judges, lawyers, social researchers, officers, and investigators. The results of the study showed that most of the respondents working in criminal justice emphasized that the weakness of legal legislation is a reason that leads the criminal to commit the crime, and their number was (170) and with a percentage of (85%) and that the vast majority of respondents confirmed that the psychological and social problems that the impostor suffers from are a reason behind his commission of the crime, and their number was (197) and at a rate of (98.5%).

Pages: 1459-1465

Keywords: crime, impersonation, character, social responsibility

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