Vol. 22 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-11

(The impact of rebellions and revolutions on the sultans of the Bahri Mamluks and the position of historians on them)

Thanaa Rasheed Kamel , Prof. Dr. Mohammad Karim AL-jumaily

The era of the Maritime Mamluk state in Egypt witnessed a political, urban and scientific renaissance that placed them in the ranks of stable countries to be reckoned with among the existing states at the time. And all this thanks to the interest of their sultans in the necessity of the permanence of the state and its protection from abusers and those outside its authority.
As well as the good organization of its administrative and scientific affairs. However, there were some rebellions that came out against their kings that tried to destabilize the security of the country and Egyptian society. Their sultans confronted it and restored the prestige of the state to extend its control over Egyptian society.

Pages: 1466-1473

Keywords: The Mamluks, Qutuz, Al-Zahir Baybars, Aybak, Muhammad bin Qalawun

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