Vol. 22 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

The contribution of technology to the development of marketing behavior

Dr. Seham Muhsen Getin

Marketing is based on a number of factors whose extends to a variety of extents, including technology, which has become an effective element in the movement and growth of life and keeping pace with the rapid changes in various aspects of life. It is worth noting that all arts and print design provide life with everything that contributes to adapting design capabilities to serve functional goals, including marketing, promotion and advertisements, whether about products or services. Therefore, the current research dealt with technology and its role in an attempt to know its importance, which is concerned with building a mental idea that takes care of interpreting the surface visual manifestations of publications of all kinds. The research included two chapters, the first is the research problem and its importance, and the following question was: How can technology control the marketing behavior? The first chapter dealt with the objective of the research, which is manifested in revealing the contribution of technology to the development of marketing behavior. The terms that related to the research were identified, as well as temporal, spatial and objective limits. As for the second chapter, it dealt with two sections, the first section included a study of the concept of technology and its types and its role in the design of publication, marketing, and advertisement and its mechanisms. As for the third chapter, it included the research procedures and the presentation of sample models and their analysis of the research results and conclusions, as well as recommendations and suggestions and a list of sources, and the most prominent results reached by the researcher.

Pages: 1395-1404

Keywords: technology – design – marketing behavior – advertising

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