Vol. 22 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-2

Pollutants Resulting from the Medical Oxygen Industry in Baghdad Governorate

Maryam Aref Ali , Prof. Dr. Intisar Hassoun Reda Al-Salami

The medical oxygen industry is one of the basic medical supplies, so the urgent need for this industry continues, especially at the present time as a result of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) and as a result of the suspension of many factories that manufacture medical oxygen, this industry has been monopolized by traders and many patients died as a result of its lack of availability. Most hospitals obtain medical oxygen from the Iraqi Ministry of Health, which imports it from neighboring countries, with which the borders were closed as a result of the outbreak of this pandemic. Not only medical but also as an economic activity capable of achieving even a small part of economic and social development as it is one of the industries that attracts large numbers of manpower, in addition to what this industry achieves by filling the needs of local markets, and then providing hard currency to the country, as the oxygen industry was concentrated Medical oxygen in the province of Baghdad by (28%) of the total medical oxygen industry factories and companies in Iraq, and this indicates that this industry represents the basic needs It is necessary because it is used on a daily basis in hospitals and cannot be dispensed with in industrial operations. There are those who prefer medical oxygen in cooling operations over industrial oxygen and in all sports activities, as its products enter all institutions, homes, companies and projects. It is characterized as one of the modern industries covered by modernity and development, so we will discuss in this research the study of the most important pollutants resulting from the medical oxygen industry in the province of Baghdad.

Pages: 1405-1411

Keywords: Pollutants, Baghdad Governorate

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