Vol. 22 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-3

The effect of standard recipes on cost effectiveness

Abdullah Muhammad Kasim , Asst. Prof. Faiza Ibrahim Al-Ghabban

The Accommodation industry in Iraq suffers from many problems, especially after 2003, when the Accommodation industry was exposed to many crises due to the security and political situation in Iraq, which negatively affected the administrative operations inside the industry and created many problems, the most important of which are deterioration, high costs and poor performance, so some hotel administrations sought To find alternative solutions that help in the advancement of hotels, one of the proposals is to go to technology, as technology is currently one of the most important solutions to solve large complex problems, as the world has turned to automation to solve complex problems such as increasing production, reducing costs, and raising efficiency through the application of enterprise resource planning systems. As this study aims to show the impact of the application of the enterprise resource planning system on hotel costs, to provide an integrated costing system whose results can influence management decisions and show the differences.

Pages: 1423-1432

Keywords: standard recipes, cost effectiveness

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