Vol. 22 No. 4 (2022)
Published: 2022-10-3

A Model for Manifestations of Luxury in the Era of the Maritime Mamluks (648 - 784 AH / 1250 - 1382 AD): (Manifestations of Urban Luxury)

Saba Majeed Mhaidi , Ammar Mardhi Allwai Al-jumaily

Books, documents, and manuscripts are an essential source in the historian’s work, in addition to the fact that architecture is also an original source in the transfer of arts, as movable holdings may be subject to damage, and distortion because architecture is an eyewitness of buildings and others of the era in which they were built. The sultans of the Maritime Mamluks spent a lot on it to keep it as a sign of their achievements, and to show the size of the luxury that the Maritime Mamluks had, especially in religious establishments, the most important of these facilities being mosques, schools, and gorges.

Pages: 1443-1450

Keywords: Manifestations of Luxury, Manifestations of Urban Luxury

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