Vol. 22 No. 3 (2022)

Published: 2022-08-24

The Social Influence on Language Development: The Case of the Pahari Language
Wajid Riaz, Tallat Jabeen, Sadaf Afreen, Abdul Shakoor Abbasi

Major Challenge for Indonesian Public Relations Professionals Changing Focus from PR to Leadership
Dian Anggraeni , Engkus Kuswarno, Asep Suryana, Martani Huseini

CSR and Financial Accessibility in Pakistan and India: A Comparative Analysis
Zeshan Anwar , Hammad Hassan Mirza, Muhammad Jam e Kausar Ali Asghar, Muhammad

Employing artistic treatment mechanisms for educational texts
Omar Khalil Ibrahim , Yasser Issa Al Yasiri

Technical Guidelines for Mithomoni Performance in Contemporary Theatrical Performance
Prof. Dr. Nashat Mubarak Sliwa , Abdaleazim Hamad Mohammed

The approach of the English orientalists in dealing with the Arab-Islamic heritage and its history
Asst.Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abdel Marzouk, Farraj Rasan Tajil Al-Rafi’i

Shura in the Almohad state
Khaled Abdel Karim Abdel Razzaq, Assim Adi Rasheed Al-Dulaimi

The impact of technological innovation on the growth of exports in the United Arab Emirates

Mustafa Mahmoud Mahdi , Prof. Dr. Thaer Mahmoud Rashid

The impact of the first Moroccan Issue in the signing of the Entente Cordiale in 1904

Hadeel Fadil Ibrahim Al- Zubaidi , Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Natiq Ibrahim Al- Obaidi

Orientalism in the perspective of Hajji Criticizing the history of Islamic Spain book as a model

Assistant. prof. Dr. Amir Mamdouh Khairo , Maryam Ali Zeidan

Scholars of Samarkand and their position in the light of Al-Qand book by Al-Nasfi (T.: 537 AH / 1142 AD)

Prof. Dr. Othman Mishan Abed al-leheab, Nasir Jamal Nasir Al-Jumaily

“The Iraqi public’s dependence on satellite channels in forming their knowledge about political leaders”

Saad Abdul Razzaq Al-Rubaie , Asst. Prof. Dr. Muntaha Hadi Al-Tamimi

Conceptual rooting for radio audiences

Wissam Nief Kahat , Prof. Dr. Raad Jassim Al-Kaabi

Societal changes in Iraq

Rasha Hashim Falih , Prof. Dr. Asawer Abdulhussien Abdulsada Alanzy

Talibian Scholars in Palestine and their role in Society

Hagar Thamer Hadi Al-Obaidi , Othman Mishaan AL Lahiri

A review on challenges in interpreting at higher levels

Dr. T. Sharon Raju, Ahmed Yaseen Issa Al Juboori

The embodiment of persuasion in the Iraqi theatrical performance

Azhar Kadhim Qanbar , Prof. Dr. Riad Moussa Sukran

Aesthetic use of materials in contemporary art

Elham Ali Khalaf  , Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Ghaidan

The semiotic significance of election campaign slogans According to Iraqi law on Iraqi satellite channels (An analytical study of the slogans of the Iraqi elections October 2021)

Dr. Jalal Jabbar Alewi Al-Majidi * , ALYAA RAZZAQ MOHAMMED ALBOAREDH, Assist. Prof. Dr. Isra Shakir Hassan Al Jouani, Dr.Nazar A.Gaffa, Dr. Nawres Ahmed Abd Zaid, Lect. Hayder abbas oleiwi

Characteristics of Professional Acting Performance in Educational Theatre show

Khalid Waleed Khalid Al-Mashleh, Prof.D. Mohammed Ismail Al-Taie

The trial of Major General Ghazi Al-Daghestani (1958-1959) through Al-Thawra Al-Baghdadia newspaper

Asst. Prof. Dr. Saleh Abbas Naser , Dr. Rana Abdulraheem Hatem

MBC Iraqi Applied Fields of Color Theories in Advertisements

Seham Muhsen Getin , Mohanad Kareem Ahmed , Shaymaa Saad Yas